Apex Vitality Mastermind Review – Does This Nootropic Help In Brain Power?


NEW Real Limitless Pill – Truth About Apex Vitality Mastermind Reviews Nootropic Supplement & Side Effects

Apex Vitality Mastermind Review - Does This Nootropic

Mastermind by Apex Vitality is a scientifically formulated supplement. Mastermind is an amazing nootropic formula that promises to help your brain work at its optimum capacity, increased concentration and brain performance, improved energy levels, and more frequent lucid dreams.

Mastermind is manufactured by Apex Vitality, a well known company for selling other dietary supplements like Garcinia Cambogia which is a weight loss supplement, yacon syrup and, Forskolin.

Apex Vitality Mastermind comes in capsule form and is available online.Apex Vitality Mastermind perfectly uses key natural ingredients, which are very important to our overall health.

Apex Vitality Mastermind Review

Apex Vitality Mastermind is a nootropic supplement that makes the same promises as many other nootropics: it boosts brain power using natural ingredients. Find out if that’s true today in our Apex Vitality Mastermind review.

The Advantages of Apex Vitality Mastermind

Apex Vitality Mastermind has the following advantages:

  • It helps in improving and maintaining optimal brain function
  • It helps in improving neurological processing
  • It helps in enhancing cognitive speed
  • It aids in increasing blood flow to the brain
  • It offers neuro-protective effects
  • It can increase mental alertness, energy, attention, and improve mental focus.
  • It is user friendly product
  • It shields your cerebrum from any kind of mischief
  • It bolsters the scholarly execution
  • It assembles the motivational levels in a man

What is Apex Vitality Mastermind?

Apex Vitality Mastermind is a nootropic that is exclusively available online from the supplement’s official website. The brain drug is made by a company called Apex Vitality, which is known for selling a range of other “trendy” dietary supplements, including Ggarcinia Cambogia weight loss pills, Forskolin, and yacon syrup.

Mastermind, however, is the company’s first foray into nootropic smart drugs. Mastermind makes promises like:

  • Improve Your Energy Levels
  • Increase Concentration
  • Continually Increase Brain Performance
  • Clear Mental Vision And Discover Lucid Dreaming

Apex Vitality Mastermind is available through a “free trial” offer. Like many nootropic free trials you encounter online, this trial is just a front for a lucrative autoship program. If you forget to cancel your trial and return your bottle, then you’ll end up enrolled in a program where you pay around $70 USD per month.

How Does Apex Vitality Mastermind Work?

If you’ve spent much time reading nootropic reviews online, then you’ve probably realized that 90% of them are virtually identical: they contain the same range of ingredients and make the same established claims.

Many of them are also overpriced and rely heavily on cheap ingredients – like caffeine – to trick you into thinking you’re taking an advanced nootropic formula.

Apex Vitality Mastermind is largely the same as its competitors. It contains ingredients like vinpocetine, Alpha GPC, and Bacopa monnieri, among others. These are nootropic ingredients with well-established clinical evidence and plenty of referencesavailable online.

Vinpocetine, for example, has been shown to boost focus and concentration, while Bacopa monnieri is an herbal extract that has shown a tentative connection to memory improvements in a small number of studies.

Apex Vitality Mastermind Ingredients

There’s one big problem with Apex Vitality Mastermind: we never know how much of any of these ingredients is included in the supplement. The manufacturer doesn’t list its specific dosage information – which is concerning for those who want to know the exact amount of a particular ingredient they’re putting into their body.

How to Buy Apex Vitality Mastermind

Apex Vitality Mastermind is exclusively available online from the official product website. As we mentioned above, the manufacturer heavily advertises its free trial. You can’t even order a single bottle of Mastermind on its own: you have to order it through the free trial.

Here’s how the free trial works:

You sign up for the free trial online and enter your credit card details to pay for a $4.99 to $7.99 shipping fee (standard versus express shipping)

— Within 3 to 5 business days, you’ll receive a full-sized (30 day) shipment of Mastermind in the mail

— You have 14 days to try out the product. That’s 14 days from the day you purchased the supplement. So by the time you get the supplement after 5 business days, you might only have 2 or 3 days to make your decision.

— If you decide you don’t like the supplement, then you’ll need to contact Apex Vitality’s customer service at 1-844-273-9848. They’ll give you a return number and address, and you’ll need to ship the product back (paying for your own shipping of course).

— If you don’t cancel within 14 days, then your credit card (remember the one you entered to pay for the first shipping fee?) will be charged a total of $64.99. You will also be automatically subscribed to the autoship program, which gives you an additional 30 day supply of Apex Vitality Mastermind every month.

— Your credit card will continue to be charged $64.99 plus $4.99 shipping and handling every month.

This autoship program is hidden in fine print on the ordering page. It’s deliberately placed so that many customers will overlook it. Manufacturers who sell high-quality nootropics at competitive prices typically don’t do this.

Ultimately, paying $70 for a package of 30 pills with unknown ingredients and un-studied effects is probably a bad idea, which is why we cant put our full recommendation behind Apex Vitality Mastermind, but since our readers have insisted, we will post a link to where they can check it our for themselves. You can find their official page below: