High Blood Sugar? How To Keep Blood Sugar Level Under Control


How To Keep Blood Sugar Level Under Control

High Blood Sugar? How To Keep Blood Sugar Level Under Control

Nowadays many adults and even children are suffering from blood sugar problems. It usually leads to diabetes which is a lifelong condition and it makes one’s health complicated to maintain. Due to the intake of an incorrect diet and lifestyle excesses, most people are falling prey to diabetes. In the US it is one of the most common health concerns among the health experts.

Excess blood sugar leads to insulin resistance which leads to the condition of diabetes. In such people, the control of blood sugar levels is impeded. They might suffer from low blood sugar levels which might bring in adverse conditions in them. Thus, it is necessary to know the symptoms of low or high blood sugar and the cause. There are many home remedies that one can refer to in order to control the blood sugar levels in diabetic people.


Causes Of Excess Or Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

Low blood sugar is often caused as a side effect of the treatment for diabetes.
• Those who are on medication to control diabetes usually have their blood sugar levels controlled to such an extent that their blood sugar levels might fall dangerously low
• Absence of insulin is a condition that is found in extreme diabetic people. If they have very low levels of insulin in their blood they will not be able to convert the glucose of the food consumed to energy to be used for the different bodily processes
• Injecting too much insulin before a large meal but not eating enough will cause blood sugar levels to fall too low.
• Those who suffer from sudden drops of the blood sugar levels might faint, suffer from seizures as well as go into a coma
• High blood sugar levels are caused due to intake of carbohydrate rich food as well as food high in sugars and fat
• Low levels of insulin in the system usually leads to build up of blood sugar levels in the system


Symptoms Of High Or Low Blood Sugar

Hyperglycemia is a condition that is found commonly among diabetics. When a diabetic person consumes high calorie laden or sugar food product, the insulin levels are not sufficient to regulate the blood sugar levels in the body. The symptoms of high blood sugar levels in a diabetic person are seen as follows:
• Need to urinate frequently
• Nausea
• Drowsiness
• Blurring of vision
• Extreme thirst or hunger


High Blood Sugar? How To Keep Blood Sugar Level Under Control


Those who are diabetic and are undergoing medication or remedies to control their blood sugar levels might suffer from low blood sugar symptoms as well:
• Shaking of the body
• Fast heartbeat
• Sweating it out
• Anxiety
• Extreme hunger
• Weakness and tiredness

Home Remedies To Control Blood Sugar Levels

There are many home remedies that can be followed in order to control the blood sugar levels in the body. Indeed, as diabetes is a condition that is difficult to overcome completely, one needs to take up effective remedies at home and in their daily lifestyles in order to ensure that they keep their blood sugar levels in control.

1. Consuming Dairy Products
One needs to incorporate dairy products in their diet. Some people are lactose intolerant and for them it would be difficult.
• If low fat dairy products are consumed it has been seen that those who are overweight, are less likely to develop resistance to insulin formation which is a precursor to diabetes.
• The protein and fat that is present in the dairy products helps to improve the blood sugar levels

2. Choosing The Right Kind Of Bread
One needs to avoid white flour based bread products as these are sources of easy sugar that increase the level of blood sugar in the system
• Whole grain brands consist of adequate amount of fiber and protein along with complex carbohydrates which helps to keep the blood sugar levels in control.
• The wholegrain breads have higher amount of protein and fiber which keeps one feeling full for a loge period of time.

3. More Magnesium In One’s Diet
Magnesium is a mineral that is known to help prevent the development of type 2 diabetes
• One could include vegetables rich in magnesium like spinach in their daily meals
• Magnesium is also found in abundance in fish, nuts and other leafy greens
• When such food is consumed, diabetes risk is lowered considerably
• It has been found that women who are overweight have been able to reduce their risk in diabetes by consuming diet consisting of such food items.
• Even avocados are known to be great source of magnesium.


High Blood Sugar? How To Keep Blood Sugar Level Under Control


4. Helpful Spices Like Cardamom
It is known that spices like cardamom helps to regulate the type 2 diabetes
• It should be sprinkled on coffee, tea, yoghurt and cereals as well
• The fragrant spice is known to help the blood glucose levels drop by eighteen to thirty percent

5. Buckwheat And Its Properties
Buckwheat is also known to be a great source of fiber which is known to help improve blood sugar levels in the system
• Soba noodles can be tried at dinner. This form of Japanese pasta is made from a grain called buckwheat
• It is known to help lower the blood glucose levels as per a study that was conducted on rats

6. Drink In Moderation
If you are seeking to control the blood sugar levels you need to drink in moderation
• you could include a glass of wine occasionally in your dinner
• It is found that wine helps to reduce the risk of diabetes
• Even if one can drink wine along with one’s dinner, consuming the same drink after dinner will reduce the insulin level in the blood and hence makes the glucose hang around in the blood stream for longer period of time

High Blood Sugar? How To Keep Blood Sugar Level Under Control


7. Watch The Intake Of Fat
In order to control the level of blood sugar one needs to cut back on their consumption of saturated fat which include:
• Fried fries and junk food
• Consumption of saturated fats like food cooked in unhealthy cooking oil is linked to higher chances of developing diabetes

8. Opt For Daily Exercises
One needs to incorporate daily exercises in their diet which could be a simple walk every day.

• It was found that walking about two kilometers a day will reduce the risk of dying from diabetes
• When one walks for two kilometers in a day they are likely to reduce their from dying from all causes especially from heart related health risks

9. Laugh A Lot
• It is good to rent out a comedy and watch it after dinner
• Those who laugh after eating are found to have low blood sugar levels in their system which is significantly low than those who do not

10. Have A Grapefruit
Grapefruit is found to be effective for people who need to control their blood sugar levels
• Thos who eat grapefruit are seen to lose weight as it affects the glucose metabolism
• The levels of insulin as well as glucose is lower when the fruit is consumed which indicates that it increases the metabolism process

11. Do Resistance Training
One needs to indulge in strength or resistance training to help control their blood sugar levels
• If you have more muscle mass you will be burning more glucose in the system
• Resistance training at least once or twice a week will surely help to control the blood sugar levels

12. Consume Decaf
Those who are unable to resist their sweet temptations can have their occasional sweet treat but only with a decaffeinated coffee along with it
• Decaffeinated coffee slows down the rate at which the intestines absorb the sugar
• It speeds up the absorption of the sugar by the muscles

High Blood Sugar? How To Keep Blood Sugar Level Under Control13. Consume Smaller Meals
• Break down every large meal into two smaller meals
• It is best to eat half of a meal now and then have the rest after two hours

14. Eat With Regularity
In order to control the blood sugar levels
• One needs to keep their meals regular.
• If meals are skipped the blood sugar levels will drop like the rock
• It is necessary to keep the insulin levels steady by regular intake of calories.

15. Sleep Enough
One needs to get adequate rest in order to keep the blood sugar levels in control
• Sleep deprivation affects the blood sugar as well as the insulin levels
• There are many ways to find relaxation and to fall asleep easily without the use of sedatives

16. Stop The Snoring
• Those who snore are more likely to develop diabetes
• It is necessary to see a doctor in order to control the problem which could be the position of sleeping or due to overweight issues

17. Learn To Relax
One needs to know how to relax which could be
• listening to soothing music and lying back
• One could even practice progressive relaxation techniques

18. Opt For Legumes And Nuts
Such food items help to keep the blood sugar levels in control
• Ensure that your diet is rich in legumes
• Have a diet rich with nuts

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